Houat 1000

Smaller – More Manageable – More Ecological – More Economical

In matching with the progressive development, and according to an evolving market, we can use an alternative weeding technique (with hot water), which is more manageable and less expensivee especially when used with non-drinking water (Rain, Basin, etc).

Always in a spirit of perseverance and reply to the wishes of our different clients, Oeliatec brings you a new technological solution for your weeding – the Houat 1000.

  • Hot water weed control machine
  • Fuel for temperature
  • Electric for pump
  • Tank 1000L
  • 1m x 1,85 m x 1,45m
  • 1 application position
  • Protection pipe friction
  • Security Fluostat
  • Safe Flame
  • Noise 29db

2 years parts and 1 year labour.