The Future of Weed Control

story-3-photoOeliatec has developed machines for environmentally-friendly weed control, without the use of any chemicals. Economic and ecological, Oeliatec offers you innovative weed control solutions.

Thermal weed control or killing weeds with hot water causes the explosion of plant cells and the breakdown of proteins. Hot water weed control requires fewer treatments compared to traditional chemical treatments and cost’s significantly less in comparison to other alternatives.

All Oeliatec weed control machines kill weeds with 100% hot water by delivering an efficient low pressure treatment at temperatures of up to 120°C.

This destroys the cellular structure of the weed to kill off the plant. The intense heat penetrates deep into the root system killing the plant from the leaf down to the root.
It is effective with all broad leaf plants and grass along with moss and algae which can also be removed at the same time.

Oeliatec is exclusively available throughout the UK and Ireland from Etesia UK.